Vidyanidhi Fund

We supported 195 students for education in 2018-19

Provision of educational assistance was one of the earliest charitable initiatives of the Sabha. This began with the launch of the ‘Book Loan Scholarship’ Scheme under which note books were given free and text books on loan to student applicants from economically weaker sections of our community. Initially this Scheme covered students upto High School only. Later, it was extended to degree courses also. It is recorded that the Scheme was put on a sound footing through the establishment of an Endowment Fund, mainly as a result of the efforts of our Mahila Shakha members and the services rendered by the Late Shri Bola Narasimha Kamath who helped us a lot by raising donations through his influence.

The distribution/loan of books was discontinued and instead, the Scheme was used to give cash assistance for books and uniforms. In line with the change in nature of assistance, the ‘Book Loan Scholarship Scheme’ was re-christened as the ‘Educational Assistance Fund’ in 1991-92 and further as the ‘Vidyanidhi Fund’ in 1993-94.
This Fund is used to disburse educational assistance to the needy members of our Community. Assistance is given to school students from Std I to X, under-graduate and graduate college students and students pursuing post graduate/professional courses. Students from Mumbai, Thane District and Navi Mumbai are eligible to receive this assistance.

The details of assistance given in FY 2018-2019 is as under :

Total Number of students

School students

College students

Post-Graduate/Professional students


Total Number of students





Total Amount





Applications for assistance are received at the start of the academic year, i.e around June- July each year. The Managing Committee scrutinizes and ensures that the applications meet the defined criteria, especially in relation to family income. Assistance is given by NEFT transfers to one of the students’ parents account.

The Sabha has started accepting application forms for FY19-20 assistance under its Vidyanidhi Fund. The important dates in this regard are :

1. School (Class I to X):  Application Last Date is 31.07.2019.   Disbursement by 31.08.2019.

2. College (Class XI to Graduate):  Application Last Date is 31.08.2019.   Disbursement by 30.09.2019.

3. Post-graduate/Professional:  Application Last Date is 31.10.2019.   Disbursement by 30.11.2019.

Application forms are available at Sabha office and can be collected from Monday to Saturday 4 to 7 p.m. 


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