Matrimonial Assistance Services

The Marriage Information Service managed by the Mahila Shakha since several years is a very popular and the flagship program of the Mahila Shakha.

Members of the Mahila Shakha are available at the Sabha office on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month (earlier on 2nd and 4th Tuesday till August 2016) to provide information about eligible boys and girls as registered with the Sabha. Details of eligible boys/girls can be registered by filling up a Registration Form.

Master List of Eligible Boys is printed in October every year. The List contains details of all eligible boys and is printed with boys residing abroad first followed by professionals and then others. A Supplementary List is printed in April every year, giving details of new boys to be added and also updates to be made to the Master List. You can go through the Master List and Supplementary List by visiting the Sabha office. Copy is provided at nominal cost to cover cost of photo-copying.

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