GSB Senior Citizen Medical Welfare Fund

(Principal Sponsor and Donor Shri Gurpur Dattananda Bhat in memory of his wife Smt. Shanta D. Bhat)


A very generous donation of Rs. 50 lacs, made in FY2013-2014 by philanthropist Shri Gurpur Dattanand Bhat in memory of his late wife, Smt. Shanta Bhat, enabled the Sabha to launch the GSB Senior Citizen Medical Welfare Fund.

The Fund is dedicated to meet the domiciliary medical expenses of economically weaker section of senior citizens of the Community. These senior citizens are prescribed daily medicines for ailments such as asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments etc. and find it difficult to meet the expenses involved.

The application form is designed to capture details of financial status of the applicant as well as their requirements of their daily medicines. Their doctors certificate is also taken. The Managing Committee validates the financial aspects of the application and our honorary panel doctor, Dr. R. N. Kini, does the medical scrutiny. After being satisfied about the genuineness of the applicant, Dr. R. N. Kini estimates the monthly medicine expense of the applicant and recommends the same as a financial limit for the applicant.

The beneficiaries submit the bills of their medicines at Sabha office on quarterly basis. These bills are processed and expenditure reimbursed, subject to limits, by direct transfers to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

During the FY2019-2020, 37 beneficiaries were disbursed total assistance of Rs. 8,02,895/- from this Fund.

For downloading application form to the Fund, click here.

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