History of Sports Club

Under the guidance of one of the earliest Presidents of the Sabha, Dr. S. S. Rau, a Sports Division for indoor as well as outdoor games was formed in the year 1941.  The Sabha later embarked upon a plan to construct a Sports Pavilion near and around Matunga area. Largely due to the initiative of Shri K. P. Bhakta, one of our Past Presidents and with the good offices of the then Municipal Commissioner of Bombay, Shri P. R. Nayak, ICS, a plot of land was allotted to the Sabha.

After the allotment of the land, efforts to construct the Pavilion started.  The Foundation Stone of this pavilion, named in memory of late Shri Sujir Gopal Nayak, was laid on 25.02.1955 by the Divine hands of H.H. Shrimad Dwarakanath Tirtha Shripad Vader Swamiji of Shree Samsthan Gokarna Parthagali Jeevottam Math.  It was on 27.05.1956 that the said Kreeda Mandir was declared open in the Divine presence of H. H. Shrimad Satchidanand Saraswati Swamiji of Shree Kaivalya Math Samsthan. 

The Original Kreeda Mandir built in 1956

The expansion and renovation project was taken up with the blessings of H.H.Shrimad Sudhindra Tirtha Swamiji of Shree Kashi Math Samsthan on 16.03.1978.  The Committee of those years, led by Smt. Sanjivi Bhat, overcame several obstacles and hurdles and the renovated Pavilion, named as Sujir Gopal Nayak Memorial Kreeda Mandir, was inaugurated on 22.01.1984 by the doyen of Indian Cricket, Shri Sunil Gavaskar, in the distinguished presence of Shri D. M. Sukhtankar, the then Municipal Commissioner of Greater Bombay.

Renovation work was again undertaken in 2001 and the renovated Sports Pavilion was inaugurated on 18.11.2001 by Shri D.M Sukhtankar.  Shri Madhav Mantri, former Test player, presided over the function.

The Original Kreeda Mandir built in 1956
Renovated Sports Pavilion opening on 18th November, 2001

Renovated Sports Pavilion opened on 18th November, 2001

Repairs and renovation were again undertaken in 2008-2009. The renovated Sports Pavilion was inaugurated by our ex-President, Smt. Sanjivi Bhat, during the Gudi Padva Programme held on 5th April, 2009.

The Sports pavilion and its adjoining ground are used for sports activities. The pavilion facilities are also given for bookings for functions. The Committee of 2018 undertook the next phase of infrastructure upgradation by making the ground floor I.M.Pai Hal of Sujir Gopal Nayak Memorial Kreeda Mandir air conditioned and carrying out major external and internal civil work.

Records reveal that, from 1956 itself, the Club provided facilities for indoor games like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess and outdoor games like Cricket, Basket Ball and Volley Ball.  It also provided for gymnastics under the able guidance of Shri M. G. Kamath who was then crowned as “MR. BOMBAY”. 
The affiliation to Bombay Cricket Association in 1960-61 enabled the Club to participate in various official tournaments.  It is to be noted that our Cricket team participated in Kanga League from ‘G’ Division and got regular promotions till it reached ‘C’ Division in 1971.  However, for some years sports activities took a back-seat and the cricket team was also out of the Kanga League.

Sports activities were revived under the Presidentship of  Smt. Gita R Pai, especially during the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Sabha in 1993-94. 

In that year, two major sports events were organized, namely cricket coaching and conducting a district level carrom tournament, and these are continued to be held by the Sabha till date.
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Annual M.R.Pai Memorial Carrom Tournament for the Physically Challenged (Photo taken on 15th January 2006)

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