The Sabha organised a series of inspirational talks by a variety of speakers who are experts in their own respective fields.  Please refer below for upcoming and past sessions.

Upcoming Session

Priya Nayak Gole
Smt. Priya Nayak Gole

Know Your Child

by Smt. Priya Nayak Gole

Sunday 2nd August 2020, 5.30pm


GSB Sabha, Mumbai’s Mahila Shakha presents a session with Expert Paediatric Speech Language Pathologist Smt. Priya Nayak Gole.

The session will give young parents, grandparents, and parents of the specially abled children an insight into the typical developmental parameters, delays and the red flags to look out for, if anything is amiss. Seeking help in time will go a long way in achieving near normal goals. The session shall also address different and simple means to stimulate the children right in the confines of your home, to catch up with what they have missed.

The session will also be broadcast live on GSB Sabha, Mumbai’s Facebook page.

The Zoom and Facebook links will be sent via email to those who register.

This session is now complete and the recording is available below. Stay tuned for more interesting sessions in the future.
About the Speaker

Smt. Priya Nayak Gole is a paediatric speech language pathologist practising in Navi Mumbai for the last 18 years. She has worked with specially abled children, particularly those with developmental and neurological disorders. She has also conducted various paediatric disability awareness programs in and around her area and in many preschools. Currently, she is actively involved in online practice involving regular therapy sessions and also parent webinars on various topics revolving around paediatric developmental disorders.

Past Sessions

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