Bhajan Competition on November 25th 2018


Bhajan Competition was held on Sunday, 25th November 2018 at I. M. Pai Hall, Kreeda Mandir. There were 21 participants consisting of various age groups, youngest being 5 year old Akshay Pai and Senior most was 87 year old Smt. Vijaya Shenoy.

The participants were divided into 3 groups. The judges were Shri. Padmanabh Pai and Smt Preethi Kamath.

All the participants sang melodiously. It was a tough competition.

In the first group all the three participants received the prize, the youngest among them was Mast. Akshay Pai.

In the second group Mrs. Pratibha Prabhu bagged 1st prize, Mrs. Poonam Kamath won the 2nd prize and there was a tie between Smt. Meena Kamath and Sulakshana Pai for the 3rd place.

The third group consisted of participants above 56 years of age. 1st prize went to Mrs. Sheela Nayak, 2nd prize was bagged by Mrs. Shilpa Rao, and 3rd prize went to Mrs. Surekha Shenoy.

Both the judges spoke about their journey in the field of singing and the hardwork to become successful. They were requested to sing and both the judges showcased their talent. The programme ended with refreshments.

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