Annual Adhyatik Programme.17th Dec 2017

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The annual Adhyatmik programme in English of the Sabha was organised on the 17th of December, 2017 at Dwarkanath Bhavan Hall, Shree Ram Mandir, Wadala, Mumbai. The speaker for the event was Swami Shri Mohananandaji from the Ramakrishna Math and Mission Khar, Mumbai The program began at 5.30 p.m. with bhajans rendered by members of our Mahila Shakha Bhajan Group. Thereafter, Swamiji conducted an interactive session on Bhakti yoga. He not only answered all the questions put to him in a spiritual way but also in a way relevant to the present times. His answers were sometimes questions that made the whole audience ponder and take a look at their own paradigms. He carried a message, to make religion and its teachings more pragmatic, and only then it will be more applicable and acceptable to the youth. Shri V. S. Bhat also spoke on the occasion and gave many scientific and health benefits of the common rituals which we practice on a day to day basis. His talk was peppered with mythological stories. The programme ended with a delicious bhojan Prasad which was enjoyed by all.
Sabha is grateful to the founder sponsor of this program, Smt. Sanjivi Bhat and generous co-sponsors. We also thank the Sevadars of the programme who were given personal blessings by Swam

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